Please complete the steps below to add a roommate to your lease


STEP 1:  Fill out the application form – The new roommate must fill out an application form and submit it for approval. ($100 holding fee not required)

 STEP 2: Sign the consent form – All existing tenants must sign the consent form giving permission to add a roommate to their lease.

STEP 3: Sign the security deposit transfer form – A portion of the security deposit must be transferred to the new roommate. (All current roommates must sign)

STEP 4: Sign and initial the lease – After all the above steps are completed, the revised lease will be sent to all roommates for their signatures.

Please note that the new roommate will not be added to the lease until all of the steps above are completed.

It is in the sole interest of the existing roommates to ensure that this process has been complete, Gorham Real Estate will not remind you or pursue you to complete this process in any way.