Joe gorham_2 For the past 60 years, The Gorham family has been involved in building, renting, renovating and selling homes to many Fredericton residents. 

CocaCola CrateFredericton Housing Ltd. was established in 1955 by Joseph Gorham with his partner John Bird. 

Their vision of building “Better Homes for the Average Family” resulted in the construction of hundreds of homes in the Fredericton Area. Skyline Acres and Fulton Heights are just two examples of residential subdivisions that were built by this ambitious company. 

During this time, the need for rental housing was realized and Fredericton Rentals Ltd. which now owns and manages over 700 rental units now under the name of Gorham Real Estate, was formed. 

The 3rd generation of Gorham’s added Premiere Suites to the Company’s portfolio in 2008. It is a Canadian based franchise that spans coast to coast, providing extended-stay, furnished accommodations to the business traveller.

As a company we are continuously growing and expanding. Our mission is to provide Fredericton area residents with rental housing, commercial and storage space for any taste and budget. We love our community and are passionate about creating the ultimate home experience.