We enjoyed the great service provided to us and we appreciate the awesome maintenance team.
614 Graham Avenue
Loveleen & Kamaldeep, Tenants for 1 year
I enjoyed the fact that the building was quiet especially in the mornings. It was warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Excellent on staff maintenance and very nice cleaning people as well.
385 Canterbury
Gertrude, Tenant of 1 year
I enjoyed the frequent updates and open communication with the landlord.
385 Canterbury
Kyle, Tenant of 1 year
The area is quiet, clean building and accessible location. It is close to YMCA, grocery stores and downtown area.
530 Dundonald St.
Alimohammad and Amir, Tenant of 1 Year
Everyone at Gorham was a delight to deal with and we really enjoyed our tenancy.
614 Graham Avenue
Christie, Tenant of 6 Years
The location is very strategic and building facilities are perfectly provided.
385 Canterbury Drive
Mukesh, Tenant of 2 years
The building and the apartment were lovely and communication with the office was always timely.
355 Canterbury Drive
Gillian, Tenant of 1 Year
I enjoyed the nice, clean, and quiet building with a very nice view from the balcony.
530 Dundonald St.
Mathew, Tenant of 2 Years
I enjoyed the cheap rent and the well kept apartment and maintenance. Gorham Real Estate has good management and were very helpful.
614 Graham Ave.
Mackenzie, Tenant of 3 Years
The building was always quiet, it was a great place to live. The apartment offered a balcony, storage space and security.
19 Forest Hill Rd.
Mathieu, Tenant of 1 Year
Gorham Real Estate has excellent customer service and prompt response to maintenance/repair work. Keep up the excellent service!
527 Priestman St.
Joseph, Tenant of 1 Year
In my two years with Gorham I enjoyed the location of the property as well as the friendly and helpful staff.
312 Saunders St.
Janet, Tenant of 2 Years
The neighbours here are WONDERFUL, the apartment itself is STUNNING and the work from the entire Gorham Maintenance and Leasing team was above and beyond. Genuinely, I'll be sad to leave, we had a great experience.
176 George St.
Gina, Tenant of 1 Year
I enjoyed being with Gorham, this was my first time living on my own and they made it an easy and less scary experience. I knew if I had a problem or issue I could call and someone would take the time to help me.
1222 Regent St.
Breanne, Tenant of 4 Years
The landlord were pleasant, easy to approach, and always helpful. If I had a maintenance request, they got it done ASAP. I also enjoyed the apartment layout and the two-three times a week cleaning of public spaces. Overall, this is one of the best places I've lived in. There were little to no issues, and when there was a maintenance issue, it was resolved immediately.
602 Graham Ave.
Sylenah, Tenant of 1 Year
The location and the natural light was great. I have no complaints, I felt happy with how everything went.
620 Scully St.
Jake, Tenant of 1 Year
I enjoyed the proximity to the University and to all shops, groceries, etc.
19 Forest Hill Rd.
Michael, Tenant of 7 Years
We loved the building and the location was great! Also it was very easy to communicate any issues and we felt very supported during our tenancy.
385 Canterbury Dr.
Ena, Tenant of 3 Years
The maintenance staff were quick and provided a very friendly service!
614 Graham Ave.
Mackenzie, Tenant of 1Year
I enjoyed that the building had quiet neighbours and it was close to the Trail.
122 Friel St.
Asad, Tenant of 2 Years
I enjoyed how easy it was to communicate with our landlord, the cleanliness of the building, and how easy it was to get a hold of maintenance.
9 Forest Hill Rd.
Kristin, Tenant of 1 Year
If I had a maintenance issue I knew it would always be dealt with very quickly.
1222 Regent St.
Breanne, Tenant of 4 Years
The maintenance man was very nice, got the job done rather quick, and cleaned up after himself.
731 Brunswick St.
Katherine, Tenant of 1 Year
The basement apartment had lots of windows and plugs. It was a very nice and quiet apartment
9 Forest Hill Rd.
Brooklyn, Tenant of 1 Year
Very communicative staff, clean buildings, and units.
418 Needham St.
Cassidy, Tenant of 1 Year
Quick response for maintenance issues and regular cleaning. Location was great!
614 Graham Ave.
Christie, Tenant of 6 Years