Gorham Real Estate allows up to a maximum of two pets or two ESA animals per apartment unless special arrangements have been made. This includes caged pets.  Emotional Support Animals (ESA), whether caged or not, will contribute towards the total number of pets or ESA animals that are permitted in an apartment.

Dogs are permitted for special circumstances only and only one dog per apartment is permitted. Cats and dogs are only permitted in apartments where no carpet exists.

Gorham Real Estate does not allow ferrets or snakes, however small caged pets such as hamsters, rabbits, fish, etc. are permitted.

All tenants who are parties to the lease agreement must sign this Pet or Emotional Support Animal agreement and are all held responsible for the Pet or Emotional Support Animal’s actions.

Tenant (s) Agrees:

  • To Pay for any extra sanitation cleaning due to Pet or ESA hair removal or damages on move-out
  • To Pay for Professional Carpet Cleaning on move-out where special arrangements have been made to have the Pet (s) or ESA (s) in a unit with carpet
  • To pay for flooring replacement if the smell of urine is evident once the tenant has moved out. (This includes the plywood floors under certain types of flooring if urine has soaked through)
  • To pick up all excrement immediately and dispose of it according to local regulations. Failure to comply will result in a Notice of Complaint being issued in conjunction with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal of NB.
  • To only keep the Pet or ESA within the apartment and to not allow the Pet or ESA to disturb other tenants in the building. If the Pet or ESA becomes a problem, such as noise, smell, or other problems, to other tenants or to the landlord, the Pet or ESA and their owners will be issued a Notice of Complaint in conjunction with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal of NB.
  • The tenant agrees to allow the Landlord to do an inspection at the Landlord’s discretion with 24 hour’s notice and that if the landlord feels the Pet or ESA is not being properly cared for or is doing damage to the apartment or apartment building, a Notice of Complaint in conjunction with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal of NB will be issued.

Please contact our office for additional information on how to add a Pet (s) or ESA (s) to the lease.