Your move out day is fast approaching!  If you will be moving out before the last day of the month, please notify us as soon as possible.  The first of the month is a very busy time and it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform us of your departure plans.

Your security deposit is held at the Rentalsman’s office located at Service NB.  You will have to complete a form called Security Deposit Return to request your security refund from the Rentalsman.

We hope that when you moved into the apartment you completed your move-in inspection report and returned it to the office.  When you move out we will complete an out-going inspection report and compare it to your move in inspection report.  If you would like to be present for the outgoing inspection, please call us and make an appointment prior to the first of the month.  You must however have all your belongings completely moved out of the apartment and all cleaning completed.  The appointment must also fall during our regular office hours.

Your lease stated that painting and crack filling of any kind is not permitted in the apartment. If you chose to ignore our rules and regulations you will be charged to have the paint color returned to our original off white color.  Please see the charge chart on the bottom of this page.

After the outgoing inspection has been completed, the report is processed by our office and it will be determined if a claim against your security deposit will be made and submitted to the Rentaslman’s office. (This can take up to 7 days). The items below are what are taken into consideration when a claim is made.

  1.  Any outstanding rent or charges to your account
  2.  Any penalties for breaking your lease
  3.  Any damages that are found and not marked on your move – in inspection report
  4. Any cleaning that must be completed prior to the new tenant moving in (see below)
  5. Any painting necessary due to marks, holes and scuffs on walls (small nail holes from pictures are considered normal wear & tear.  Please do not crack fill or paint!)

We take pride in our apartments being clean for all new tenants moving in and therefore will charge the vacating tenant  if any of these areas are not cleaned. (Please note, normal wear and tear is taken into consideration.)

Also, please remember to take your internet modem and cable box with you as we are not responsible for these items once you have vacated the apartment.

Below is a check list of items to be completed prior to returning your keys to our office on move-out day:


  • Pull out fridge and stove, clean behind and under them
  • Clean fridge and stove, inside and out
  • Unplug fridge and leave doors open
  • Clean inside and outside of dishwasher (if applicable)
  • Wipe the inside and tops of all cupboards and drawers
  • Make sure counter and sink area are cleared and clean


  • Clean bathtub, flush, sink, and bathroom fan
  • Wipe vanity and/or medicine cabinet and mirror
  • Make sure counter and sink area are clean
  • Remove shower curtain and hooks

LAUNDRY: (if applicable)

  • Wipe inside and outside of the washer and dryer
  • Check behind washer/dryer for lint, dirt or old cloths


  • Make sure all window screens are in place
  • Clean all light fixtures and shades. All light bulbs should be working, and shades installed
  • Vacuum all registers/radiators
  • Wash all doors, walls, baseboards, and ledges
  • Wipe all window sills and wash all windows
  • Vacuum/sweep/mop all floors as necessary
  • Remove all furniture
  • Sweep balcony (if applicable)
  • Take out all garbage, apartment must be completely empty
  • Return keys to office prior to 12pm on the last day of the month.  After 12pm keys are considered not returned and you can be charged per set of keys issued and for any missing extra keys issued during your tenancy

Below is a list of potential charges:

  • Min of $100.00 charge per truckload for removal of furniture and/or garbage
  • Charge for paint and repairs if required
  • Charge to steam clean carpets if major staining or if pets have resided in the apartment (based on sub-contactor pricing)
  • $25.00  charge per hour to clean items listed above if they have not been cleaned
  • Charge per set of keys if not returned to our office by 12pm on the last day of the month

           Thanks for renting from Gorham Real Estate / Fredericton Rentals Ltd!  We hope you enjoyed your time with us!

If you have any questions please call our office at 458-5809