With over 65 years experience in renting apartments in the Fredericton area, our knowledge of all aspects of the rental business is extensive. We have developed relationships and systems that work and can be extended to our fellow investment property owners, maximizing returns and minimizing risk.



Gorham Property Management has a team of leasing professionals knowledgeable in all areas of residential apartment leasing. Their goal is to rent your apartments to the highest quality tenant in the shortest period of time to ensure minimal turn-over and low vacancy.shutterstock_311343779


The Residential Tenancies Act is the legal act in which the tenant-lanlord relationship is governed in NB. Our leasing professionals and office staff have superior knowledge of this act and keep up-to-date on all changes that may affect your rental units.

Also, residential investment properties in NB are regulated by a government agency called “The Office of the Rentalsman.” Gorham Property Management has been working with this agency since its inception and understands the “Office of the Rentalsman’s” requirements which will assist to expedite claim processing and mitigating any tenant disputes that may arise in your rental units.


We have a representative on call 24 hours a day to deal with any issue that may arise after normal working hours, on weekends or holidays.


We provide detailed monthly and annual statements so you know the financial status of your property at any given point in time. We offer PAD (Pre-Authorized debit)  for tenant rent payments providing quicker access to funds for the property owner.


Investment properties require specific target marketing to ensure they stay occupied at all times. Gorham Property Management will advertise your available units using our website, on-line classifieds, newspapers and social media ensuring maximum exposure for your apartments. For Rent Sign


Gorham Property Management has a staff of experienced tradesmen including painters, carpenters, handy-men and cleaners, as well as strong relationships with reputable subcontractors. Our team carefully and properly completes any maintenance issue that may arise either during unit turn over, daily maintenance calls or scheduled maintenance. Work is completed in a timely and effifficient manner


Gorham Property Management offers all clients biweekly exterior property visitations. We have a “detailer”inspect your properties and report back to the office any issues or concerns they feel need attention. This ensures that any problems or issues with the property are taken care of promptly and not left up to the tenants to report. The detailer’s duties also include picking up any litter to ensure your property is looking its best at all times.  Annual unit inspections  are also conducted as a preventative measure to ensure that insurance requirements are met and the apartment is being cared for by the tenant.