602 Graham Ave – Bidlake Gardens

ADDRESS: 602 & 614 Graham Ave., Fredericton, N.B., E3B 4C3 LOCATION:  Campus Area, Uptown East. Close to Universities.  BUILDING TYPE: Two Contemporary Walk-Ups -21 & 16 units. FEATURES: Located one block from the University and walking distance to downtown, Bidlake Gardens is a convenient residential complex for both students or small families. The complex is comprised of two separate buildings each with their own laundry, storage, and parking facilities. The building at 602 Graham also has a sauna available. Free Wi-Fi is available in both buildings. NAME ORIGIN: The upper property at 614 was developed on the property owned by Mac Graham, who taught school in Grand Manan and rented out the family home. The property was purchased by Earl Brewer, lawyer and entrepreneur, in 1970. He demolished the house, had the density zoning changed and built the first large rental building on the street. Jack & Dolly Bidlake, who owned and lived in the adjacent property fought the rezoning and the transition of the neighborhood from a single family to a high density area.  Due to the need for student accommodation near the universities, the Bidlake’s lost their cause and sold the rear portion of their property, which they used for gardening, to the developer. He was then able to build the larger apartment building at 602 Graham Ave.  Since the Bidlake’s had gardens on both properties and were family friends of the current owners, Bidlake Gardens was chosen as an appropriate name. HISTORY: This area appears on the A.M. Hubly aerial map of 1882 as woodland and pasture which stretched from Regent St. to The Old Arts Building, the only building on the university campus at the time. As the city expanded the woodland became Graham Ave. and Windsor St.  building lots. Families that lived on lower Graham Ave included the Kings, Ames, Sharps, Bidlakes, Gorhams  and Duplessis. These families occupied the neighborhood for decades until the Graham Avenues redevelopment. The 1882 pasture land was only developed after 1946 for post war veterans housing.