614 Scully St – Scully Grove

ADDRESS: 614 Scully St, Fredericton, N.B., E3B-1V2 LOCATION: Downtown Center. 614 Scully St is eight short blocks to downtown & the Saint John River and its network of walking and biking trails. Supermarkets, shopping, churches and restaurants plus business and government services are nearby, as well as bus service . There is limited onsite parking and outdoor yard space. BUILDING TYPE: Single family home  FEATURES: This single family home (circa 1930) has a private driveway, front and back entrance,  two stories, one bathroom, three bedrooms, sun porch and deck. Hardwood floors, period woodwork , separate dining room and laundry hook-ups are standard. Forced air, natural gas heat is included in the rent but electricity is not included. NAME ORIGIN: This property was originally granted to William & Bridget Scully who immigrated from Ireland in 1840. Grove was a common property description of the period and was also used for the nearby property on the west side of Regent St named Evelyn Grove.  HISTORY: The development of Scully Grove into building lots occurred in conjunction with the donation of Queen Square to the city by the Odell family in 1913 .The property was in the hands of the Springhill Fruit Land Co. and had been used as a playground and ball field by the Fredericton Baseball Club. The lots have small to no backyards due to the expansion of Myles Tire on McLeod Avenue in the 1950’s. Tummy Myles bought all three houses and added the rear of the properties to his McLeod Avenue business property. Since he had an employee living at 620 Scully, the two buildings were connected by a shed passageway. When the Myles commercial property was developed into a mini-mall in 2002 the three residential houses on Scully St. were sold individually to Amy, Alex and Anna Marie Gorham.